Dream Mountain

March 11, 2022

“All women have a right to follow their dreams.” -Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita

A flawless, beautifully shot film that provides wonderful insight and succeeds in allowing the viewer to feel part of a very personal journey –– a dream to watch.” -LMFF Judges

Dream Mountain, Kyle Ruddick's short film to which Sugimoto contributed the original score with Joseph Minadeo, has been among the official selections of more than a dozen international film festivals world wide, winning the Best Mountain Film in London Mountain Film Festival 2020.

Braided Sound 2020 in Kobe

Jesse Perlstein + Lina Tullgren + Haco + Shinya Sugimoto


The concert set for April 17th at Guggenheim House is cancelled due to the COVID-19 concerns and travel ristrictions by the United States.

2020年4月17日に予定されていたBraided Sound 旧グッゲンハイム邸公演は、新型コロナウイルスの懸念とアメリカ政府の緊急事態宣言を受け、中止されることになりました。

Official event page


Shinya Sugimoto

January 6, 2020

Melbourne-based label Day Dot Recordings releases Resemblance, Sugimoto's first solo album in five years, featuring solo piano compositions. Available on label's website and Bandcamp as a cassette and digital download.

Also available on Shinya Sugimoto Bandcamp page

I Confess Cassette

Shinya Sugimoto & Jesse Perlstein

November 16, 2019

A collavorative 45-minute album by Sugimoto and Jesse Perlstein is released by Japanese label Muzan Editions as part of their fall batch. Available as a cassette and digital download on Bandcamp.

Also available on Shinya Sugimoto Bandcamp page

I Confess US Tour

October, 2019

Projection by Ian Couch, Photo by Keiko Uenishi

Sugimoto tours with Jesse Perlstein (of Sontag Shogun) the US, celebrating their upcoming realease of "I Confess", a new album from Muzan Editions.


18th (Fri) Los Angeles @Character Projects w/ Yek Koo & LA FOG

20th (Sun) Los Angeles, Trailing Twelve Records presents "Under the Light" w/ Sonoda

25th (Fri) San Francisco @Center for New Music w/OboeTronics

27th (Sun) Oakland @Land and Sea w/ IMA & Danishta Rivero


16th (Sat) Brooklyn @Synesthesia w/ Carmen Rothwell & Anna RG

17th (Sun) Tivoli, NY @Half Moon Books

The Sound of Montains

November, 2018

Sugmoto performs in Nara as part of "Sound of Mountains", a series of ambient music concerts curated by Muzan Editions.

Braided Sound Japan 2018

September, 2018

Presented by Sontag Shogun, Sugimoto shares stages with Jesse Perlstein and a few of the Japan locals as part of an improvisational concert series "Braided Sound". Sugimoto appears in three shows of the tour in Kobe, Okayama and Osaka.

9.14 - Kyoto @ Hawkwind w/ Sleepland, Lauren E Walker (of Nice Legs), Cheekbone, & Kenichi Kurata

9.15 - Kobe @ Space Eauuu w/ Sleepland, Haco, Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, & Shinya Sugimoto

9.16 - Okayama @ Oh!Ashi Forest w/ Shinya Sugimoto, Ryota Miyoshi, & Akira Kita

9.17 - Osaka @ Environment 0g w/ Shinya Sugimoto, Ryota Nishi, & MAYUKo (Crossbred, Synth Sisters); also additional performances by Raiika & Orhythmo

9.21 - Tokyo @ 7th Floor w/ Takahiro Kido & Yuki Murata (of Anoice), Moskitoo, Keiichi Sugimoto (of Minamo, Frolicfon), & Keiji Matsui (of The Primrose)

9.22 - Yokohama @ ZouNoHana w/ ISAO, Yozumi Yuta, Matsumo Kazuya, Nakamura Kohsuke, Ootani Yoshio & Ryota Miyoshi; also additional performances by SJQ


Total Fiction_ Live: In Memoriam of Paul Clipson

Jeremy Young & Shinya Sugimoto

March 9th 2018

Jeremy Young and Shinya Sugimoto releases a memorial album for Paul Clipson. This live performance, a half composed/half improvised score to Clipson’s nearly an hour-long 16mm film, took place in Brussels in March 2017, eventuating one of the most memorable sets in our Total Fiction Europe Tour. A large percentage of the profits will be donated to the Paul Clipson Family Memorial Fund. 

R.I.P. Paul Clipson

February 11th 2018

Paul Clipson was a towering figure for me and a few days I bathed in his film with Jeremy Young in the 2017 Europe tour were so inspiring and truly a series of life-changing moments. I can't thank him enough.
I will always miss you. Rest in peace.

Total Fiction LP

Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young with Julia Kent

April 21, 2017

Phinery releases a limited vinyl edition of Total Fiction. Featuring Julia Kent, Jeremy Young and Shinya Sugimoto's collaborative effort has evolved into a monumental nine-track album.

Album reviews:

"Perhaps the most emotionally driven release on the Phinery catalog, Total Fiction is an exploration of global cooperation in crafting affective and moving compositions." -Bandcamp Daily

a closer listen
Fluid Radio
Norman Records

Q3Ambientfest in Potsdam, Germany

April 9, 2017

Jeremy Young and Shinya Sugimoto performed at Fabrik Potsdam as part of Q3Ambientfest hosted by CEEYS.

Total Fiction Film Excerpt

A 16mm film by Paul Clipson

April 5, 2017

San Francisco-based filmmaker and experimental film artist Paul Clipson made a short film featuring Fiction 4 from Jeremy Young & Shinya Sugimoto's forthcoming album Total Fiction.

Jeremy Young & Shinya Sugimoto - "Fiction 4" (2017, dir. by Paul Clipson) from Sontag Shogun on Vimeo.

BBC Late Junction

March 21, 2017

BBC Radio 3 played Mirage, a track from Sugimoto's collaborative album Into the Mystic (2014) in Late Juction presented by Verity Sharp.

Europe Tour 2017

Paul Clipson with Jeremy Young & Shinya Sugimoto present Total Fiction

Shinya Sugimoto tours Europe with Jeremy Young and Paul Clipson, presenting a live improvised score for a 16mm film projection by Clipson. Young and Sugimoto's collaborative LP featuring Julia Kent released by Phinery.

3.23 London, UK @ The Old Church (Stoke Newington), with Rachael Finney
3.24 Manchester, UK @ Islington Mill, with Nathaniel Robin Mann
3.25 Bradford, UK @ FUSE Arts Space, with Nathaniel Robin Mann
3.26 Colchester, UK @ Colchester Arts Centre, with Nathaniel Robin Mann
3.28 Paris, FR @ La Générale (Braquage)
3.29 Brussels, BE @ Les Ateliers Claus (Sonic Protest Festival), with Sarah Kenchington
3.30 Rotterdam, NL @ Vrooom x CineSonic at Pink Pank
3.31 Amsterdam, NL @ Kulter x CineSonic at Dokzaal, with Obol Le
4.2 Copenhagen, DK @ Koncertkirken, with Western Skies Motel *Record Release Party* for Total Fiction LP
4.3 Aarhus, DK @ AUT at Non-Space, with Western Skies Motel

Album Review by Decoder Magazine

April 11th, 2016

Live at Microscope Gallery gets a premiere + review by Decoder Magazine in their WEEK IN REVIEW on April 9th.


Jeremy Young & Shinya Sugimoto

Live at Microscope Gallery

Cassette Release

April 11th, 2016

Live at Microscope Gallery, previously released digitally by Sugimoto in 2015 gets a cassette release by Danish record label Phinery, rendering an improvisational performance in Brooklyn New York in the summer of 2015. Cassette batch available at Bandcamp

© Phinery

Constellation Launch Party

Shinya Sugimoto + Andy Couzens

December 6th, 2015

The composer performed a sound + video set with Andy Couzens at Kamihikouki Magazine launch party in Osaka.

Video by Jennifer Gemmel

Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young

Live at Microscope Gallery

New Album Release

October 10th, 2015

Centering the piano and tapes, a forty-minute long live performance presented at Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn in August is now released. Available exclusively at Bandcamp

© Shinya Suigmoto & Jeremy Young

WNYU Radio

Live at WNYU with Jeremy Young

August 20th, 2015

The New Afternoon Show which was aired on August 20th at WNYU Radio featured Sugimoto's live performance. A duo improvisation set with Jeremy Young recorded live in the studio was played following Young's solo performance. The show was archived here.


The recording was also uploaded to Jeremy Young's Soundcloud page.


at Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn

August 12th, 2015

Sugimoto will perform at Microscope Gallery as a piano/tape duo with Jeremy Young a accompanied by a live video projection by Joel Schlemowitz.


Servants' Quarters


at (OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn

August 9th, 2015

Sugimoto will be performing at SHARE NYC as part of "Servants' Quarters", formed for this occasion with Jesse Perlstein, Hunter Jack and Ian Temple.


Sounders vol.39


August 1st, 2015

Sugimoto will perform at UrBANGUILD with ALEXANDRE MAUBERT, S.C.F (Andy Couzens and Michael J. Migliacci) and Ally Mobbs.


Album Review by Punchland

July 20th, 2015

EP 2015 receives a review by Brazilian indie music review site Punchland.



New EP Release

July 5th, 2015

Dedicating to his father who passed away early this year, Sugimoto released an EP featuring the recording of his solo live performance from the Japan tour with Sontag Shogun in April. It also includes transcriptions from Mozart's Requiem mass and a newly written piano piece. Available at Bandcamp

© Shinya Suigmoto

Sontag Shogun: Japan Tour 2015

March 31st - April 2nd, 2015

Sugimoto will tour Osaka, Kobe and Okayama with a Brooklyn-based collaborative trio, Sontag Shogun.

Osaka Nu Things: Tuesday, March 31st

Okayama Shiroshita Kokaido: Wednesday, April 1st

Kobe space eauuu: Thursday, April 2nd

Nu Things Osaka
Shiroshita Kokaido Okayama
Space eauuu Kobe


Kamihikouki's Issue 2 Launch Party

November 9th, 2014

Sugimoto performed at the Kamihikouki's issue 2 launch party at Viva La Mort Sakai Osaka. Kamihikouki is a community-based, nonprofit art and writing magazine with the goal of bringing together artists in the Kansai Area.

photo by Jennifer Gemmell

Viva La Mort


October 19th, 2014

Sugimoto performed with Kou Yamamoto (Nous・mondsee) as part of an art event at MIIT House, Konohana ward, Osaka.

MIIT House

Takedao Tunnel Art Event 2014

September 20th, 2014

As part of an annual art event in Hyogo, Sugimoto played solo among many other participant performers.


Piano Solo, Film Music 2010-2013

New Album Release

Semptember 10th, 2014

Sugimoto released a full-length album featuring solo piano and chamber style music originally written for film scores and video installations from 2010 to 2013. Most tracks are outtakes or new recording of previous works. Available at Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, CDBaby, Bandcamp and more stores.

© Shinya Suigmoto

Into the Mystic

Digital Release

Semptember 1st, 2014

Into the Mystyc is digitally distributed worldwide. Available at Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, CDBaby, Bandcamp and more stores.

© Shinya Suigmoto, Trever Hagen

Share@(OA) Can Factory w/ Shinya Sugimoto + openjam

August 10th, 2014

Sugimoto performed at (OA) Can Factory Brooklyn, as part of SHARE nyc.


Sense O

At NOON Cafe Osaka

July 26th, 2014

Sugimoto performed at NOON Cafe as part of the comtemporary art event.

On the walls: Pauliina Mäkelä (illustration), Asami Bluefudge (collage), Yuka Ishikawa (paper-cut), Kim Dunstan (print), David Denton (illustration), 紡 (installation), Bom (painting), Yann Becker (photography)
On the stage: Genta 小澄源太+tatala+YAVZ.COM, Nous ,Shinya Sugimoto, Blitz and Squash Brass Band
Film: Tatsuya Fujimoto (endleapss)
DJ Yohey Yamamoto (POSEUR) Yu Makiyama (Hangesha Records) VJ Tatsuya Fujimoto (endleapss)


Into the Mystic

Release Party & Show at Float Osaka

March 22nd, 2014

Into the Mystic, a full-length album Sugimoto recorded with Trever Hagen in 2013 was released on March 22nd. Sugimoto performed live with guest musicians. Trever Hagen is an American experimental trumpet player who currently resides in Lisbon. Trever and Shinya played together in real time via internet.


Room Go Zoom

Sound Recording Workshop at MIIT House Osaka

March 23rd and April 6th, 2014

Hosted by MIIT House, Sugimoto will give two-day lecture series about sound recording, presenting examples from his latest works.

DAY 1 : Recording and sound making
Part 1. Recording the piano
-room acoustics
Part 2. Useful tips for home recording
-gear selection
-portable recording systems

DAY 2 : Mixing and sound processing
Part 1. Mixing tips
Part 2. Mastering
-monitoring environment
-overall level consideration

Miit House


at MIIT House Osaka

September 29th, 2013

Sugimoto performed at MIIT House with Yangjah, Slonnon, Sonsen Gocha Bacco and Jerry Gordon.
MIIT House

S H C # 0 2 6

at Float Osaka

April 27th, 2013

Sugimoto performed at Float as part of Sleeper Hallucination Camping #26.

V I S U A L A I D.

Individual notation systems of sound & music.

at District, Berlin

April 25th - May 25th, 2013

Sugimoto's sheet music for film scores will be presented in the exhibition at District Berlin, as part of collaborative installation and opening performances by Epiphany Now, Tore Honoré Boe and Liz Kosack. It will be displayed among the documents by other participants Alpha Couple, Tore Honoré Boe, Duchamp, Ellen Evers, Epiphany Now, Beck Hansen, Houwaida Goulli, Jasmine Guf fond & Ilan Katin, Maximilian Hohlweg, Liz Kosack, Andrew Kemp, Jason Levis, Thessia Machado & Merche Blasco, Florian Merkel, Loretta Myr, Frank Schültge and Golden Diskó Ship.

(Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations #4.


International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013

January 20th, 2013

Anocha Suwichakornpong's short film Lublae featuring the score by Sugimoto covered the official website of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013. Watch the film.

© Electric Eel Films, 2013

Mysterious one-minute leader commissioned by Hubert Bals Fund, will precede each HBF selection film screened in the festival. Ms. Suwichakornpong, Thai director of Tiger Award winner Mundane History (2009), features Sugimoto's minimalistic score recorded in Japan ealy this year. The festival opens on January 23rd.

Anocha Suwichakornpong Electric Eel Films

Thai PBS Media Museum

October 17th, 2012

Sugimoto composed music for a video installation Power of Seeing by Thai filmmaker Anocha Suwichakornpong, now on exhibit at Thai PBS Multi Media Museum, Bangkok.

© Electric Eel Films, 2012

This is part of the permanent exhibition of the museum, located in newly opened headquarter of Thai PBS, Thailand's national television.

Anocha Suwichakornpong Electric Eel Films

Into the New World

in New York Japan CineFest

June 8th, 2012

Haruhito Naka's short film Into the New World which features a score by Sugimoto will be screened in the New York Japan CineFest at Asia Society .

© Haruhito Naka, 2012

The film has also been featured in New York City International Film Festival 2011, NYC Indie Film Festival 2011, Central Florida Film Festival 2011, New Filmmakers New York 2011 and Queens World Film Festival 2012.

New York Japan CineFest

Asia Society, New York

Fukushima 2011

May 1st, 2012

Sugimoto releases a live recording from the performance at ISSUE Project room in May 2011. A forty-minute-long improvisational ambient piece with Kenya Kawaguchi (Shakuhachi) and Jeremy D. Slater (Electronics). Available on BandCamp.com now.

Although the performance was not specifically intended for a Japan benefit, it was held under the shock of the disaster. Sugimoto decided to release the recording for a contribution to the recovery of Tohoku, still in a critical situation even a year after, facing a long-term threat of radiation effect from Fukushima Daiichi power plant. All the profit will be donated to the Japan Society "Japan Earthquake relief fund" www.japansociety.org/page/earthquake

The Patterned Scarf

October 11th, 2011

The first New York screening of The Patterned Scarf, short film directed by Martin Flusser was held at Cantor Film Center. The film was produced by Brian Streem in 2011, starring Margot White and Catherine Curtin. Sugimoto scored the film featuring the string quartet led by Skye Steele. It also features instrumental tunes by Jazz pianist Toru Dodo.

© Guerre de Plume Productions, 2011

Brian Streem www.brianstreem.com

Anna Saito Solo Exhibition

Sep 3 - Sep 25, 2011

As a collaboration with Fukushima-born artist Anna Saito, Sugimoto's music from the album Leukon will be played during her solo exhibition at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, September 3rd through 25th. The exhibition is titled "Soshitsu", means "loss" in Japanese.


Artist website (Japanese): http://annasaito.blog130.fc2.com/

© Anna Saito, 2011

애증 - Eh Jeung

June 28, 2011

Eh Jeung, short film directed by Matte Chi for which Sugimoto composed the original score, has won the prize in two categories at Palm Springs International Shortfest.

- Best Student Cinematography
- The Alexis Award for Best Emerging Student Filmmaker


© Matte Chi, 2011

Shinya Sugimoto / KenYa Kawaguchi / Jeremy D. Slater
@ ISSUE Project Room

May 29, 2011

Sugimoto performed at ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn. Playing the piano and electronics, he presented a 40-minute long improvisational ambient piece with Kenya Kawaguchi (Shakuhachi) and Jeremy D. Slater (Electronics & Video).



Equilibrium RED

April 3rd, 2011

Shinya Sugimoto's FUTR WRLD was used in the video installation by Norwegian artists Roderik Kelderman and Mary Hasavari. The video is featured in Scandinavian Visual Arts Magazine.

© Bowery Pictures, 2011

SVA Magazine

Asher Levine Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

September 12th, 2010
Sugimoto produced music for Asher Levine's spring/summer collection runway show.

© Bowery Pictures, 2010


room 507 Live at Loading Dock, Brooklyn

March 27th, 2010

Jazz unit "room 507", Arisa (vocal), Toru Yamauchi (guitar), Shinya Sugimoto (piano/sound effects) performed at Loading Dock.

New Single "My Favorite Things" featuring Yosvany Terry (Saxophone) will be available in iTunes Store soon.

room507 flyer

room507 flyer

Shinya Sugimoto Live at Issue Project Room

January 24th, 2010

Issue Project Room


December 30, 2009


Sugimoto's first full length solo album in over 5 years, "Leukon" is now available as a free download at Bandcamp.com.

01. Sanguis

02. Weltschmertzen <a href="http://shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com/track/weltschmertzen">Weltschmertzen by Shinya Sugimoto</a>

03. Rosa

04. Josepha

05. Unseen, Unheard, Unknown

06. Feu la cendre

07. Tenebrae di Gesualdo

08. Cocytus

09. Daydream <a href="http://shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com/track/daydream">Daydream by Shinya Sugimoto</a>

10. Aqua <a href="http://shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com/track/aqua">Aqua by Shinya Sugimoto</a>

Shinya Sugimoto & room 507 Live @ Ouchi Gallery

Sugimoto will be performing at charity fashion show "MIDORI", 9/12 (Sat) 7 p.m. at Ouchi Gallery roof top. His band room507 also will play in the event.

Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary Street Suite 507
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Reopens your eyes to what you can do on and for the earth! Each one of your steps can help the nature's re-generation, fertility, and re-birth. Not someone else but YOU are the power to MIDORI. What is your RE-action?


July 20th, 2009

Sugimoto's New EP, 30 minute live performance at ZAKKA NYC DUMBO Brooklyn, July 2009. This is a collaborative project with picture book "FUTR WRLD" by ANTIMOTION. Book + audio CD is available at ZAKKA NYC.

listen to the sample on shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com

155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201

futr wrld

Shinya Sugimoto @ ZAKKA

July 3, 2009 6 p.m.
155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201


Shinya Sugimoto Live @ Issue Project Room

Photos and Videos from the solo performance at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY - 6/14/2009





Out Now

Ex Machina

EP digital download only / download on shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com
Released on May 10th, 2009

ex machina

Ex Machina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

Truth - Requiem

Shinya Sugimoto / Epiphany Blue

EP digital download only / free download on shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com
released on Apr 5th, 2009

Shinya Sugimoto released a two track EP, "Truth - Requiem". Both tracks are remixes of a rap artist Epiphany Blue. They first collaborated on the song "For Life", the title track of Shinn's first collaborative album, in 2007. Ever since then they have been good partners. Like other two releases, this EP is a free download, licensed under Creative Commons.

Truth - Requiem cover

Truth - Requiem is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

Nymphes des bois

single track     digital download only / free download on shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com
released on Mar 24th, 2009

nymphes des bois

Nymphes des bois is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License


Nolo and Shinya Sugimoto

single track    digital download only / free download on shinyasugimoto.bandcamp.com
Released on Mar 15th, 2009


Shinya Sugimoto released a new single "Africa" as free digital download through Bandcamp. The song is a collaboration with a Ghanaian singer/songwriter "Nolo". Sugimoto, a composer/producer represents MONKHAUS, produced its instrumentals as a huge complex remix work. Many sound materials were derived from other music, TV documentaries and internet. This song is released under Creative Commons license. To see the details, go click CC link above.

Artist information

Nolo is a singer/song writer whose life began in Cote d’ Ivoire. Ghanaian through family lineage, his heritage attributes to his unique sense of music. The artist currently lives in New York and has been exposure to the city's vibrant music scene. He has also traveled to many parts of West Africa where music is an integral part of the people's culture.
He is a pioneer of Afro-Abissa music which he uses as an instrument to advocate awareness about some of the pressing issue facing our world, and more importantly Africa. Nolo forms and leads a band in New York named "The Lifters". He has many influences ranging from Fela Kuti, Meiway, and Bob Marley to James Brown, Ray Charles, the police and early U2. His aim is to create uplifting groovy African-style music with a modern edge.


Creative Commons License
Africa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

room507 performed in the charity event "The Normadic Decob in NY" at Zakka, Dumbo Brooklyn NY - 6/13/2009

Formed in 2009, the art unit room 507 is based in Brooklyn, New York. Members are Arisa (Vocals), Toru Yamauchi (Guitar), and Shinya Sugimoto (Sound effects). Aiming at composite art, room 507 fuses old Jazz, electronic sound and visual elements into the new style of music performance.


room 507 @ Art Walk | Hello Living Vol.1, Brooklyn - 4/25/09

Shinya Sugimoto performed at Art Walk @ Hello Living Vol.1 - Condo open house with Art exibition at Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Shinya Sugimoto @ Ouchi Gallery, Brooklyn - 3/24/09

Shinn performed in "Super Competiton", the charity event for African children at Ouchi Gallery on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009.

by Haruhito Naka

ouchi gallery