Shinya Sugimoto has enjoyed a celebrated career as a sound producer, recording/mixing engineer and vocal/instrumental arranger in the heart of New York independent music and film scene for more than 5 years. Since he co-founded FreedomSound Recording Studio in Brooklyn's culture/industry center DUMBO in 2007, he has worked with numerous artists, musicians, producers and filmmakers from various fields with whom he has produced highly creative works of art. Sugimoto's client/collaborator list includes a few artistic giants such as classic Brooklyn rap-duo M.O.P, one of the most influential Hip Hop producers of 2000s Red Spyda, an award winning filmmaker and the lead singer of art pop band Fol-Chen, Patrik-Ian Polk, Hollywood film producer and one of the greatest humorists of America today, Sam Hoffman.

Alongside his composer career, Sugimoto has been increasingly gaining international recognition in the recording industry. With vast knowledge of music and enthusiasm for perfection, he acts a perfect role of "the man behind the board", oversees not only meticulous details but total musical quality, often giving competent musical advice to musicians. Although being thorough, he always values more on relationship with collaborators than superficial gloss of sound as he believes that the best performance is done when the musician and the engineer fully trust each other. He continuously cultivates creativity and pursue uncompromising quality. He recently works at recording studios such as Let 'Em In Music, Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn and Track Stars Studios in Staten Island.



Patrik-Ian Polk: " The Skinny" Original Soundtrack
(℗ 2012 Patrik-Ian Polk / Tsbb Releasing, Inc.)

Writer/director of award-winning TV series Noah's Arc, Patrik-Ian Polk's new feature film. Soundtrack features his own songs sung by himself. Sugimoto recorded major part of vocal tracks with him. Here's movie review by NY Times.

LOWFI : "Awakening"
(℗ 2011 Lowfi Music)

Produced, recorded and mixed by Shinya Sugimoto

Sam Hoffman and Eric Spiegelman: "Old Jews Telling Jokes" Audio Book
(℗ 2010 HighBridge Audio) Won the 2011 Audie Award for best Humor

Recorded by Shinya Sugimoto

Chieko Honda : "Cancoes em voce violao"
(℗ 2010 Chieko Honda)

"Samba da Pergunta" Play MP3

Recorded and mixed by Shinya Sugimoto

Mary C "Off the Line"
(℗ 2010 Mary C)

Vocal tracks recorded by Shinya Sugimoto

Trade Stevens : "Something"
(℗ 2008 Witty Q Entertainment)

"Life So Crazy" Play MP3

Recorded and mixed by Shinya Sugimoto

MC Burbs : "Rhymes with Vigor"
(℗ 2009 MONKHAUS)

"Rhymes With Vigor" Play MP3

Produced, recorded and mixed by Shinya Sugimoto